In March 2020, the entire world changed and everyone had to adapt to new ways of living and socializing. So much has since changed ever since and while it is not time to retrospect and count our marbles, it is worth thinking how COVID-19 has turned the world on its feet!.


One thing for sure, the entire world’s population has become healthier by wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers and practicing social distancing.

When it was once deemed unusual to wear masks in public (and at times threatening even), it is now considered weird if one does not wear a mask. This is also the case when one walks into a bank or a highly secured facility.

One of the biggest killers

To date (August 2022), there has been more than 6.4 million deaths occurring from COVID-19. Back in 2019, there were about 55 million deaths reported globally with heart diseases contributing to close to 9 million.

COVID-19 is a communicable disease and it has now become one of the top (if not the top) killer in the world.

Work and Play

Since March 2020, working from home (WFH) started becoming a norm. Many companies started allowing workers to work remotely and that trend has continued to present day.

This is the same situation with education and entertainment too.

Every other industry has experienced similar practices. There has been reports that some workers have not went back to their offices since then. This could well be the trend into the future.

When it was once regarded as a fantasy, working remotely is now a reality.

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